LAZNIA 1 2017 - PARAKINO: WERNER SCHROETER – first polish movie review
7–11th November 2017, everyday at 6 pm
LAZNIA 1 Centre for Contemporary Art
7 November 2017, 6 pm – MALINA (1991), dir. Werner Schroeter, 125 min. Guest: Michelle Langford
8 November 2017, 6 pm – PALERMO OR WOLFSBURG (1980), dir. Werner Schroeter, 180 min. Gust: Anna Trąbka
9 November 2017, 6 pm – DWA (2002), dir. Werner Schroeter, 121 min. Guest: Monika Pomirska
10 November 2017, 6 pm – TA NOC (2008), dir. Werner Schroeter, 121 min. Guest: Frieder Schlaich
11 November 2017, 6 pm – MONDO LUX – filmowe światy Wernera Schroetera (2011), documentary, dir. Elfi Mikesch, 97 min.
Organisers: Goethe-Institut, CSW ŁAŹNIA, NCK Nowy Teatr
Guests: Michelle Langford, Monika Pomirska, Frieder Schlaich, Agnieszka Trąbka.
Curators of the review: Renata Prokurat & Jola Woszczenko

Movies in the original version with polish subtitles
In October (27–31) the review will take place at Nowy Teatr.
When film and theater director Werner Schroeter died in 2010 at the age of 65 he was one of the most important creators of German cinema. However, the avant-garde tendencies characterizing his film essays and documents caused him to be pushed by critics to the margin of the New German Cinema. Fascinated by the opera and the concept of performance, he initially made non-narrative films and moved on to fragmentary narratives about love, death and their dangerous connections. In 1980 his “Palermo or Wolfsburg” received the Golden Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival making its author world-famous. Schroeter worked with renown actresses: Isabelle Huppert, Bulle Ogier or the queer diva Magdalena Montezuma. In 2008 he was awarded with the Golden Lion for lifetime achievement at the Venice Film Festival. The sophisticated framing, light, scenery and costumes of Schroeter’s shots still delight with their beauty.

07.11.2017 – MALINA (1991), 125 min.
A film based on the novel by Ingeborg Bachmann under the same title. For many years, the author, whose name is not revealed, has been living with Malina in Vienna. She falls in love with Ivan, a young Hungarian,  but he rejects her and has an affair with another. The heroine looses her footing and touch with reality. She sees Malina as her savior, her male alter ego, who urges her to kill Ivan.
08.11.2017 – PALERMO OR WOLFSBURG (1980), 180 min.
In Sicily there is no work so 18-year-old Nicola, just like many of his countrymen, leaves for Germany. He finds employment at a Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg and falls in love with Brigitte. However, she uses their relationship to impress her friends. In a fight Nicola kills two Germans and must face trial. Some say that Werner Schroeter made two films: Palermo, or Life and Wolfsburg, or Death.
09.11.2017 – TWO (2002), 120 min.
A surrealistic autobiography of Werner Schroeter’s. Magdalena and Maria – the twins – played by Isabelle Huppert, are raised separately and none of them is aware of the existence if other. The scenes from the lives of the sisters and their mother are combined into a collage, an image of hidden passions and thoughts.
10.11.2017 – THIS NIGHT (2008), 120 min.
Santa María is a city suspended between life and death. Ossorio, the hero of unsuccessful resistance movement, returns to the besieged city in search of his old friends and lover. However, the situation in the city is different and his old friends have changed. The unscrupulous militia units terrorize the city and everyone is trying to save themselves. Ossorio has only one night left to find the truth and to escape.
11.11.2017 – MONDO LUX – THE WORLD IN PICTURES OF WERNER SCHROETER (2011), 97 min., dir. Elfi Mikesch
In 2007, Werner Schroeter finds out he has cancer. Thus begins his race against time. At that moment he was working on the Schönheit der Schatten (The Beauty of Shadows), a musical production based on the works of Robert Schumann and Heinrich Heine. Elfi Mikesch, operating the camera on many of his films, paints a subjective picture of the artist’s work in his four final years.  She gives us an extraordinary documentary about fascination with the cinema, theater and photography.
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