15.07.2017 (Saturday), 7.00 p.m.
Gorlickie Centrum Kultury, Gorlice, 4 Michalusa Street
1-day pass: 50 PLN
2-day pass: 80 PLN
Part of MPM Ambient, Gorlice (PL) ,
Curator: Michał Porwet
German composer Günter Schlienz has been creating meditative pieces for modular synthesizers for more than 10 years. His individual style consists of a continuous experiment - not only in the field of composition but also in the construction of his own instruments. Schlienz's music ha a "cosmic element" constantly present (bringing to mind the work of Cluster and Brian Eno) thanks to which the listener sinks in a very intimate, reflective sound space. Schlienz releases his recordings on such labels as Preservation, Sacred Phrases, SicSicTapes, and runs his own called Cosmic Winnetou.
Municipal Institution of Culture