LAZNIA 1 LAZNIA 2 Long Night of Museums at ŁAŹNIA Centre for Contemporary Art
2018 Long Night of Museums at ŁAŹNIA Centre for Contemporary Art.
This year, ŁAŹNIA Centre for Contemporary Art is celebrating its 25th anniversary. For this reason, a number of anniversary celebrations will be included in this year’s edition of Long Night of Museums. The anniversary events will be held in the two ŁAŹNIA buildings located in Dolne Miasto and Nowy Port districts of Gdańsk. Two exhibitions will be open to visitors in the course of the Long Night of Museums: Dominik Lejman’s “Healing Loop” in ŁAŹNIA 1 and Katarzyna Józefowicz’s “between words” in ŁAŹNIA 2. The exhibitions will be accompanied by special events, including a screening of Dominik Lejman’s “Cathedral 60s” video fresco on the façade of ŁAŹNIA1 building, a concert by Olbrzym i Kurdupel as well as workshops. ŁAŹNIA 1 will have a garden which will host the concert and the screening of “Manifesto” starring Academy Award-winner Cate Blanchett as well as offer a chance to relax with a drink or snack served by Red Light.
Events calendar
ul. Jaskółcza 1, Gdańsk Dolne Miasto
12PM-12AM –“Healing Loop” - Dominik Lejman exhibition
6-7PM – guided tour for children through Dominik Lejman’s “Healing Loop” exhibition by Mikołaj Robert Jurkowski; participants: 6-
7PM-12AM – birthday chillout zone in ŁAŹNIA’s garden, with drinks and snacks served by Red Light
7-8PM – concert by Olbrzym i Kurdupel as part of Miasto na Żywo (City Live) series, ŁAŹNIA garden 
8-9PM – guided tour through Dominik Lejman’s exhibition with the artist himself
9-10:30 PM – screening of “Manifesto” (2015) dir. Julian Rosefeldt, ŁAŹNIA garden 
ul. Strajku Dokerów 5, Gdańsk Nowy Port
ADMISSION: free of charge
12PM-12AM – “between words” – exhibition by Katarzyna Józefowicz
5:30 PM - KINOPORT FOR CHILDREN - movie screening - LasseMajas detektivbyrå - Skuggor över Valleby
7-10PM – Silkscreen? Print! – silkscreen print workshops – making prints inspired by the art of Katarzyna Józefowicz on tote bags; workshop leader: Justyna Radziej, participants: workshops open to all interested
7:30-10:30PM – KINOPASJA: “Wieża. Jasny dzień” (Tower. A Bright Day), dir. Jagoda Szelc. The film will be introduced by prof. Krzysztof Kornacki from Gdańsk University, who will also lead the discussion following the screening. Participants: 40 pax.
12PM-12AM –“Healing Loop” - exhibition by Dominik Lejman
Dominik Lejman
Healing Loop
09.03 – 27.05.2018
ŁAŹNIA Centre for Contemporary Art
ul. Jaskółcza 1
Gdańsk Dolne Miasto
Curator: Jadwiga Charzyńska
Coordination: Michalina Domoń
“Healing Loop” is  Dominik Lejman’s first retrospective in Gdansk, presenting the artist’s most important works from the past decade (including, among others, “YoLoVi”, “Basic Training” and “PŁOT” rejected project for the Polish pavilion at the 2017 Venice Biennale) as well as the video fresco “Inclined Plane” especially designed for the ŁAŹNIA exhibition.

The presented works are combined not only in terms of content, but also in terms of formal surgery – characteristic of Lejman’s work “switching on the light in the cinema” radically changing the sense of the discussed threads. The specific logic of works at the exhibition can be defined as a “healing loop”, indicating an “anesthetizing” projection in the repetition loop, which deprives the  image of its force in favor ofr the presence of the viewer in the exhibition space.
Dominik Lejman, Healing Loop Exhibition
6-7PM – guided tour for children through Dominik Lejman’s “Healing Loop” exhibition by Mikołaj Robert Jurkowski; participants: 6-
7PM-12AM – birthday chillout zone in ŁAŹNIA’s garden, with drinks and snacks served by Red Light
7-8PM – concert by Olbrzym i Kurdupel as part of Miasto na Żywo (City Live) series, ŁAŹNIA garden 
What does free improvisation sound like after over a decade of making music and playing concerts together?

You are invited to a concert by a duo who already have five record releases under its belt as well as received countless album reviews, both in Poland and beyond, and played hundreds of club concerts.
​Olbrzym i kurdupel (Giant and midget) – are an improvisers duo consisting of Marcin Bożek and Tomek Gadecki. Playing together gives them artistic fulfilment. Improvisation gives them a sense of absolute freedom. Their music is saturated with emotions that lead them into stylistically diverse musical realms. From the outset, the two musicians adopted a concert format of a sound and light show. Collaborating with renowned audio-visual artists, Tomek and Marcin perform in white overalls with visualisations projected onto them.
Giant and midget
8:45-0:00 PM – screening of Dominik Lejman’s “Cathedral 60s” on the façade of CSW ŁAŹNIA building
Videofresco “Cathedral 60s” is a recording of a performance for which the artist had invited 32 parachutists. In the course of a free fall from the altitude of 600 meters at the speed of 200 km/h, parachutists recreated the cross-vault image of the medieval cathedral in Durham, UK. Screening of the performance will be projected onto the façade of ŁAŹNIA building.
The piece was created in 2011 as a loose continuation of Lejman’s earlier work – “Breathing Cathedral” (1999), in which the rhythm of the artist’s breath animated the vaults of St.John’s Cathedral in Gdańsk. “Cathedral 60s” encourages the viewer to reflect on the durability of cultural heritage and meanings of symbols.
Dominik Lejman, Cathedral 60s
9-10:30 PM – screening of “Manifesto” (2015) dir. Julian Rosefeldt, ŁAŹNIA garden 
Academy-Award winner Cate Blanchett (“Carol”, “Blue Jasmine”) embodies 13 different people – including a punk singer, a housewife, a widow, a blue collar worker, a scientist and a homeless man – to confront most radical ideologies of the 20th century with the reality around us. Uncompromising, hypnotic and wonderfully shot cinematic work directed by Julian Rosefeldt, a leading contemporary artist.
Each of the characters played by Blanchett recites on-screen fragments from famous manifestos written by authors and filmmakers, painters and dancers, sculptors and poets, philosophers and architects: von Trier, Marks, Apollinaire, Malevich, to name just a few. In these performances not only does Blanchett demonstrate thespian skills of the highest calibre, but also – together with the characters – tests the power of twentieth-century prophecies that Rosefeldt places in often amusing contexts. Cristoph Krauss’ camera portrays post-industrial landscapes, crams the viewer inside a tiny apartment in an apartment block, dives into the sterile interiors of research institutions, the party darkness at a concert backstage and immerses into the blue coldness of a television studio. The camera also peeks inside a bright classroom, in which Cate Blanchett teaches schoolchildren a lesson on film manifestos.
Directed by outstanding visual artist Julian Rosefeldt, the film “Manifesto” was initially presented as a 13-screen installation in art galleries. Now it begins its new life as a film, proving that some ideas are like unsecured hand grenades and become the seeds for a rebellion, while others corrode and become ridiculous. Still others have the universal power of awakening people from lethargy and sharpening their perspectives.
12PM-12AM – “between words” – exhibition by Katarzyna Józefowicz
Katarzyna Józefowicz
between the lines
10.05.2018 - 26.08. 2018
CSW Łaźnia 2, ul. Strajku Dokerów 5, Gdańsk Nowy Port
Curator: Agnieszka Kulazińska
The most adequate word for describing Katarzyna Józefowicz’s work is probably “quiet”. The artist’s installations emanate (dis)quiet. The repetitiveness and banality of the elements leads us to perceive them as something familiar. Calm/disquiet – this emotional dissonance accompanies us as we examine the artist’s work.
Katarzyna Józefowicz calls herself a slave to building. This comes as no surprise once we take a closer look at her artwork. Small clippings of paper are transformed into complex constructions of multiple elements, vibrant structures interacting with the space surrounding them. In her installations, Józefowicz uses paper, an exceptionally brittle and precarious material susceptible to damage and changing with the passage of time. This art requires countless hours of laborious toil. On the one hand, the creative process is associated with stereotypically feminine tasks, while on the other hand with the creation of mandala. Her artwork revolves around universal themes: emotions, disappearance, relations with our surroundings.
Katarzyna Józefowicz’s creative work is done privately, between the lines, quietly developing as does human existence. Creation has become an integral part of the everyday. “My comments on reality are my routine” – these words from over a decade ago ring true today. “I work at home. I don’t pretend to call that place a studio. It’s HOME. I can stop working whenever I choose, and I can resume it whenever I like. I blend my work into the rhythm of my family and obligations. My objective is to keep the elements of my everyday from coming into conflict with one another. So they complement each other in harmony,” the artist says.
It is difficult to write about her artwork. Words seem to neuter their essence, and it is easy to lapse into banalities. Józefowicz weaves newspapers cut into ribbons, individual words, and images into spider webs, rugs, tablecloths. She invites viewers into a private universe where she shares her own emotions.
The title of the Gdańsk exhibit refers to the artist’s creative output, but at the same time describes an installation that will be presented during the exhibit. The central theme will be chance, a play on words, a fleeting thought, difficult to grasp as it pops up in the mind someplace between lines of text.
The exhibit is being organized as part of the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of the LAZNIA Centre for Contemporary Art.
5:30 PM - KINOPORT FOR CHILDREN - movie screening - LasseMajas detektivbyrå - Skuggor över Valleby
It's late summer in the small town of Valleby, but the calm is disrupted by bad news. The police station is under threat to be closed, which neither Lasse, Maja nor the chief of police wants. They must find a way to solve the situation.
7-10PM – Silkcreen? Print! – silkscreen print
Participants: workshop open to all interested
In the course of the workshop we will get acquainted with paint and make our own tote bag design, inspired by the art of Katarzyna Józefowicz.
Workshop instructor: Justyna Radziej
Participants: 40 pax (adult viewers)
KinoPasja is a film series combining movie screenings with audience discussions led by the region’s best film experts. The series includes films from Poland and abroad that either have won awards at prominent film festivals or have left a particularly lasting impression on Polish viewers.
For the Long Night of Museums edition of KinoPasja we warmly invite you to a screening of “Tower. A Bright Day” (dir. Jagoda Szelc) which won Best Screenplay and Best Debuting Director awards at the 2017 Polish Film Festival in Gdynia.

2017 | 106’ | Poland | dir Jagoda Szelc
A few days before the ceremony of the First Communion, a family consisting of Mula (Anna Krotoska), Michał (Rafał Cieluch) and their little daughter Nina receives an unexpected visit from Kaja (Małgorzata Szczerbowska), Mula’s younger sister and Nina’s biological mother, whom the family had not seen in years. Will Kaja try to win the child back? To the family, her behaviour becomes increasingly erratic. At the same time, strange events that are difficult to rationalise take place. As the church ceremony approaches, relations between the two sisters grow sour. It will soon transpire there is yet another and more important reason for Kaja’s return.
The film will be introduced by prof. Krzysztof Kornacki from Gdańsk University, who will also lead the discussion following the screening.
Municipal Institution of Culture