LAZNIA 1 WHAT IS GILBERT & GEORGE? Meeting with the artists and film screenings
Curator: Jadwiga Charzyńska
In cooperation with: Richard Riley
Coordination: Anna Szynwelska
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Centre for Contemporary Art LAZNIA 1, Gdansk Dolne Miasto
15 June 2018 at 6pm
Free admission (subject to availability). Please register at:
In 2018 we’re celebrating 50 years of Gilbert & George’s creative work who are true icons of the British contemporary art. On this occasion at Laznia CCA we’re holding a meeting with these artists conducted by Michael Bracewell. On the same day, this recognized writer and art critic will talk about his latest book – What is Gilbert & George? – describing the artistic phenomenon of the British artists in a universal and accessible way. (The book will be available to buy at our bookstore)
“Gilbert and George are two men who together are one artist: Gilbert & George.
The vision of Gilbert & George is their art, of which they are the embodiment. Therefore Gilbert & George are the art of Gilbert & George.
The art of Gilbert & George is based upon feelings rather than intellect.
Gilbert & George are a total modern independent visionary artist, alone.
The vision of Gilbert & George is firstly their singular and particular way of seeing, experiencing and celebrating life.
The vision of Gilbert & George is also and simultaneously their way of seeing and making art.
The inspiration and subject of the art of Gilbert & George is modern life. 
The life of Gilbert & George is art. 
Gilbert & George, with the viewer, explore and test their feelings in their art.
On walks around their home in the East End of London, Gilbert & George see the modern human condition. Acceleration, religion, politics, business, dullness, leisure, celebration, violence, money, history, poverty, age, sex, work, hope, newness, sickness, desire, intoxication, beauty, dereliction, love, despair; the radicalized world; the virtual world. They see the daily routines and feelings of their fellow citizens, from all backgrounds: the fast modern multi-cultural and multi-technological world. Office workers and junkies. They see the spectrum of human behaviour. (…)”
Michael Bracewell, “What is Gilbert & George?”, 2017, Heni Publishing, London; pages: 9-11. 
Centre for Contemporary Art LAZNIA 1, Gdansk Lower Town
16–24 June 2018
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The artists' visit will be accompanied by a showcase of films dedicated to Gilbert & George:
  • The World of Gilbert & George (1981, reż. Gilbert & George),
  • The Singing Sculpture (1992, reż. Philip Haas),
  • With Gilbert & George (2009, reż. Julian Cole),
  • The Naked Shit Songs (2017, reż. Huba de Graaff).
Films will be presented in the gallery space of LAZNIA CCA in the Lower Town till 24 June.
Event organised to celebrate 20 years of LAZNIA CCA, 50 years of Gilbert & George’s creative work and 80 years of the British Council in Poland
Co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland
Event organised by: LAZNIA CCA and The City of Gdańsk
Partners: British Council in Warsaw, Lumann, Metropolitalna Karta do Kultury,, tró, Contemporary Lynx
Artists with their friends George Crompton and Tara McKerr / Image courtesy Gilbert & George / White Cube
Municipal Institution of Culture