LAZNIA 1 Graphics go Politics
Graphics Go Politics
Exhibition dates: 20 October – 11 November, o
fficial opening: 20 October, 7:00 p.m.
Curated by Katrin Weber

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) has sparked worldwide controversy. To some, it presented an opportunity to open markets on both sides of the Atlantic, others viewed it as  threat to democracy. The exhibition  Graphics Go Politics  presents what Polish and Austrian artists and graphic designers have to add to the ongoing debate.
Works commenting on the atmosphere surrounding TTIP have been prepared by Damian Antolak, Jarek Bujny, Agnieszka Dajczak, Katrin Ganglberger, Marin Hahnl, Erich Hebenstreit, Helena Kappelmüller, Theresa Koherr, Evi Langes, Sarah Leczek, Patrick Mannsberger, Christine Mlnarsky, Marina Mrvka, Michael Nouri, Sägenvier/Siegfried Ramoser, Christoph Sturmlechner, Christine Wawrinek, Anna Wilk, and others.
The exhibition  Graphics Go Politics  forms part of Austrian Days organized in Gdańsk by the Honorary
Consult of the Republic of Austria in Gdańsk, Marek Kacprzak, and FACT – free art & culture transfer
association with its seat in Vienna.
Municipal Institution of Culture